1. Financial Strategies for Changing Families

    Financial Strategies for Changing Families It should come as no surprise that American family life has changed over the past four decades, but U.S. census data reveals just how widespread this change has been. In 1970, about 40% of households were married couples with children under 18 living at home. By 2012, only 20% of […]

  2. Aiming at Target-Date Funds

    Aiming at Target-Date Funds Target-date funds are increasingly popular in workplace retirement plans, where they are often the default option for new employees. A 2014 study found that 15% of all 401(k) assets — including 32% of assets for recently hired plan participants — were invested in target-date funds.1 These funds are not limited to […]

  3. HOT TOPIC: Fixing Social Security

    Fixing Social Security: America Faces Tough Choices In May 2015, researchers from Harvard and Dartmouth published a report suggesting that actuaries for the Social Security Administration have been underestimating the demographic challenges facing the program since 2000.1 The fact that Social Security is in trouble was not a surprise, but the possibility that the day […]