IRA Center

The 2018 IRA Contribution Limit is $6,500, or – if you are over age 50, $7,000.
Married filing jointly with household income under $199,000 can make a Roth IRA contribution; the income limit is $135,000 for single, head of household for Roth IRA contributions. (The full Roth Contribution is only available to income earners of less than $189,000 and $120,000 respectively).
You have until you file your 2018 taxes to make a 2018 IRA and/or Roth IRA contribution.
There are no income limits for Converting an IRA to a Roth. There is also no limit to the amount of IRA that can be converted to a Roth. Call us to learn more about a Roth IRA Conversion.
Did you know you can own real estate in your IRA? Yes, that’s right, your IRA can take title to real estate, and you can manage the property that your IRA owns. Call us to find out how 615-890-1070. We can even introduce you to lenders who may provide your IRA with a mortgage to purchase real estate.
An Individual Retirement Account can own investments such as REIT’s, Private Equity (shares of LP’s and LLC’s), oil and gas investments, and lots of income producing assets not related to the stock market.

If you are self-employed or own a business, you have the ability to contribute much more than the individual limit for IRA contributions. Call us to learn more. 615-890-1070 or email