Foundations, Colleges & Non-Profit Organizations

Perpetuity. It’s the bull’s-eye that every foundation considers one investment decision at a time. Each asset shift within a portfolio is pondered with an eye on continuance for a long time, if not indefinitely.Communities, public and private K-12 schools and colleges depend on foundations to cover shortfalls and bind gaps where needed most. A strategy that doesn’t pan out can silence causes, stifle vital programs and thwart progress.

Our world revolves around the non-profit, 501 (c) (3) universe. We are charitable foundation-centric in all that we do. The knowledge, the proficiency we bring lies in Endowment Strategy Investing.

You’ve seen the financial magazine covers touting the successes of monolithic university foundations. What these educational endowments have been accomplishing for decades, bolstered by the intellectual capital of their sizeable staff and comprised of sector-focused personnel, is not a secret. Our legacy wealth firm has been modeling these strategies among clients for years.

What we call the Endowment Model Portfolio Strategy* helps institutional investors own income-producing or real assets through alternative investments. These are also known as Direct Participation Programs – real estate, equipment funds, business development companies, mineral rights, oil & gas infrastructure and drilling programs.

We understand how endowment investors prosper from constructed portfolios holding superior risk-reward-ratio assets with performance paths that are not closely correlated to one another. The allocation of assets is designed to perform in all market environments.McFarlin Financial Partners invites your team to delve into specifics that encompass this model. Our intent is to introduce a strategy to investors with the mindset to minimize volatility, increase control, combine tangible assets that bear above-market returns and deliver monthly cash flow.

Endowments provide ongoing benefits for those marked to receive them. Realization of gains enables Boards to magnify their existence by helping others thanks to asset appreciation in order to fund future years of scholarships, expansions or any efforts donors seek to finance.Our firm is gratified to sustain the essential task of paying it forward to foundations of every size. After all, we make a life by what we give – for the sake of perpetuity.

*There are material differences between the terms under which endowments and individuals can invest in alternative investments.
These differences include, but are not limited to commissions and fees, conflicts of interest, access to investment opportunities, size, investment time horizons, and the ability to tolerate illiquidity.

There is no standard or exact definition of the endowment model. Portfolio design, specific investments and ultimately performance vary considerably among endowments and investors. McFalin Capital does not claim that any investor will achieve the same result as any endowment, institution, or other investor.